Friday, March 05, 2010

Gemini And Aries

Your Aries is under the sign of Mars or, better said, (s)he is on the move all the time because if you say Mars, you actually say fast actions. And Aries will truly feel perfect next to a restless Gemini like you. Your intellectual and speculative side will amaze Aries, but, to be honest, whom wouldn't an Aries in action amaze? You will have problems, too, because neither of you is too tranquil, but your Air feeds Aries' Fire. That means (s)he will love you like crazy!

What attracted you to an Aries? Let's see: was it the overwhelming energy and enthusiasm that could change the world? The passion Aries invests in everything (s)he does? Or was it the easiness with which Aries comes up with ideas? Aries gets bored very easily. So do you. So you can conquer, rebuild, rearrange the world together, because Gemini is curious by nature and Aries is a born "innovator".

Aries will show you a whole new world and you will be successful by his/her side. In everything. Aries likes ruling, indeed, but you are a mutable sign that does not care about being the boss so it won't bother you, I suppose.

As a Gemini, you like listening to words of love (well, WORDS in general, because talking is like... Air to you), to open declarations: Aries will guess exactly what you want (Fire looks for Air instinctively) and (s)he will make you all the declarations you dreamt of: you probably fascinated your Aries from the beginning!

All your moods and instability will challenge Aries and in exchange, (s)he will offer you the strength, the fulcrum you need (very much!!). That's because Aries likes changes also, but still, (s)he is a fixed sign, more stubborn that is, and more stabile (this means Aries does not move like Air, (s)he just burns in one place).

Some more sensitive planets, somewhere in the horoscope, wouldn't hurt, because neither of you is in search of some deep feelings: love is pure dynamite, there are no philosophical questions about it.

A Gemini will seem a little absent-minded to an Aries sometimes, but Aries will never feel bored next to you, and this is exactly what (s)he expects of life, to discover all the time. The fact that Gemini is much more forgiving than the most forgiving Aries will help you a lot, so don't forget about this quality you have, especially when Aries starts burning with anger. You will see that when Aries wants something, (s)he is as stubborn as (s)he is shy sometimes (yes, it sounds strange, but Aries IS often very shy; let's not forget that, besides being governed by Mars, Aries is also the child of the zodiac). Can you guess who will be the one giving in around here? Yes, good guess: you.

One of the small problems (even in Heaven there are problems...) could be the fact that Aries is sometimes a little too straight forward for a Gemini because the latter stops here and there, just like the wind that stops to admire a leaf, to blow over a spring, and so on. If you thought you were fast, wait to see Aries! You will have to get used to him/her...

The different rhythms you two have are not quite a problem, but could become one (if you have who knows what other aspects in the horoscope). More specific? A Gemini and an Aries in a supermarket: Gemini takes his/her time, examines the labels, the expiring dates, the dog food (of course (s)he does not have a dog, but what if (s)he decides to buy one? (S)He should know some things in advance...); Aries enters the supermarket, goes straight to the thing (s)he needs and takes it, without paying attention to the shopkeeper's effort to arrange the tins beautifully, pays and leaves. Aries has no time to waste!

Sexually, we are talking about a sun sign that is good at communicating and a creator such as Aries... It should mean fire! Although Aries is a sign of action, (s)he is capable of making sacrifices by slowing down, for the sake of such a fascinating Gemini (that doesn't like being rushed at all).

Since Gemini is a dual sun sign, Gemini natives are very different, so I bet you will always be able to offer your Aries something new, without which the Fire would be lost. Most probably, you won't get too often to what we, the ordinary people, get to when we make love - that is the bed , because both Gemini and Aries are in a hurry all the time and passion simply abounds in this relationship.

Therefore, do I need to say that a Gemini-Aries relationship is meant to work? YES, it does!

huhuhu..panjang lebar lak ramalan bintang ada sesetghnya tu mcm mengena la pulak...camner la mlm ni td tetiba terfikir nak tgk zodiak...mcm menjangkit penyakit sorang kawan baik tu lak...dedulu dia suka wat kija tu dgn gf dia...terimbau kenangan manis dedulu...

kat yg kaler merah tu mmg betui sgt cuma tang kaler purple tu jer la yg meragukan...biarlah waktu menentukan...buat masa ni saya bahagia dgn cara ini....Something Better Left Unsaid....

ketentuan takdir jodoh dan pertemuan tak dpt nak saya nafikan...seandianya satu hari kelak dia kembali dan sekali lagi menyatakan apa yg sudah pun dikatakan...mungkin waktu itu keadaan sudah berbeza dan mungkin waktu itu saya akan menerima dgn dada lapang....

segalanya berkemungkinan untuk terjadi.....

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